Window Tinting

More than just visual appeal and privacy

With a proper window tint, you will notice your vehicle is now much more prepared to reflect the harmful UV rays away from your vehicle. This is especially helpful in the summer months, as you'll notice cooler temperatures after leaving your car out in the sun.

Dark window tint is not for everyone. You can receive many of the same benefits with a lighter shaded tint, keeping the factory look of your vehicle and remaining within the tint limitations enforced by Utah state law.

How it Works

Our Professional Window Tinting Process


Request a window tint add-on when you are booking your detail. The tint specialist will come to our shop and complete the vehicle while it is in our possession. Any old window tint is heated, and gently removed from the interior glass.


The new tint and the interior glass is coated with water and a small amount of soap. This acts as a lubricant to ensure the tint is applied evenly and without any bubbling or visual defects.


The new tint is slowly and carefully applied to ensure perfect fitment. A squeegee is used to bind the tint to the glass.

step 4

The vehicle is taken outside for final inspection, and to ensure there is no bubbling.

step 5

Enjoy your new UV protecting tint!

Carbon Tint Film

Our carbon infused window tint may be our lower option, but still out-performs the majority of other window tints on the market. This tint utilizes a matte finish that helps to block nearly 40 percent of infrared radiation – which is the main contributor to increasing internal cabin temperature.

It’s also good at blocking UV exposure - about 50 percent - which is what leads to fading and aging of interior materials like plastic trims, leather seats, and dashboards. Carbon tint does not fade, and lasts much longer than a budget tint job.

Ceramic Tint Film

Our ceramic window tint is the best of the best. It is developed using small ceramic-based particles that are highly nonconductive. This means that it does not reduce electronic transmissions from cell phones, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or other communication devices.

The ceramic window tint blocks up to 60 percent of solar heat without any reduction in visibility. The tint will produce exceptional shatter resistance, cause no glare or fading, and effectively blocks 99.9 percent of UV exposure!

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