Wheel Protection

Wheel protection with durable effect

As the car moves on roads, its wheel gets the dirt and water over it which after sometimes becomes ineffective to the wheel material. Wheel resistance to any damage gets lower and when the matter is not taken under consideration, it starts to get burst over and over again, decreasing the life span of wheels. If the same issue is happening to your car wheels, now is the time to call Wheel Protection Sandy experts. We will check the condition of the wheel first and then will act accordingly. If the damage is due to dirt, we first clean the wheel and then apply several coatings of wheel protection spray that forms a glass coating over the surface of wheel that effectively repels the water, dirt and road salt. This technique is suitable for aluminum and steel rim wheels and also the chrome coated rim wheels.

Wheel Protection in Sandy

As per business survey, it has been revealed that 4 out of 5 cars are suffering from scuffs, dents and other damages to its wheels. Looking deeper into the issue, many reasons arise due to which car owners suffer from these damages. To end all these issues, prevention is the best cure and so we offer fitted alloy wheel protection in sandy. We always recommend our customers a super tough nylon wheel rim protection system which is not only trustworthy but also is a life longer saver.

Scratch Removal Draper

While navigating your car in the parking lot or somewhere between the heavy traffic and suddenly you hear a noise of heavy steel meeting your car paint and completely destroying it. Well, a Disaster indeed. Your car got an ugly scratch and is now emblazoned. No matter how big a scratch is, it has to be cured before it causes damage to your car as paint protects your car from rusting and if rusting occurs once, it’s hard to repair it then. And suddenly if you get to sell your car with scratches over it, your car depreciation value will increase which surely you don’t want to be. So if you got a scratch over your car know what to do to fix it properly or hire scratch removal draper.

Scratch Removal services at Drop Detailing

Deeper the scratch is, harder it becomes to recover it. The lighter scratches can be removed by polishing the surface perfectly but the hard scratches can’t be cured like that. When you get to know that color other than your car paint is visible, now is the time to call scratch removal draper to seek help. At our company, we use specific techniques for specific marks.

  • Cars having matt paints are hard to recover if got damage. Polishing alone won’t help and special care products are then required.
  • For the marks that are very thin can be finished by paint pen use. After cleaning the damaged area, apply the pen over the mark and let it dry. Several coatings can be applied until the mark disappears.
    Minor damages can also be repaired with spray paints.
  • So if the scratch is minor or major all can be repaired if rightly treated and at Drop Detailing we know how to do it.
  • To eradicate small blemishes, we clean the area first and then apply the polish evenly to fit the misfit paint giving it a perfect finish look.



How Does It Work?

“BEADLOCK creates a hard sacrificial barrier on your wheels and suspension which shields the abuse coming from brake dust, dirt and UV rays.

BEADLOCK contains SiO2 (silica dioxide) which is the primary component of glass and is what gives glass strength and hardness, but unlike glass we have blended in a proprietary formulation of elastic polymers, which allow the microscopic surface to flex. With this blended SiO2 chemistry BEADLOCK provides a far more durable and hydrophobic layer than any wax or sealant because it cures as a hardened layer of protection while maintaining the ability to absorb impacts and flex with the surface it's applied to.

This easy-to-apply coating is specifically designed to protect your wheels and suspension components from the unique conditions they see both on and off-road. Whether you simply cruise the pavement or get down in the dirt BEADLOCK coating can take the abuse. Safe for all finishes including raw metals, chrome, powder coat, anodized and painted surfaces.”

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Level 1 - Wheel faces - 150+

Level 2 - Wheel faces + Barrels - 350+

Level 3 - Polish Wheel faces and Barrels, Faces, Barrels, Suspension and Calipers Coated - 450+

Want longer protection? Each additional ceramic layer is 150

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