Wet Detailer

Add On Services

Here at Drop Detailing, we are all about giving you the best service possible to make your life easier and save you time. Below we have numerous services that can be added benefits to any of our Detail's.

Wet Detailer

This is a go-to "Express Sealant" that will leave your paint protected, and adds amazing gloss to your paint. Excellent for rejuvenating existing sealant, or works perfect as a stand alone protection.

Durability: 4 - 6 washes

20 Per Vehicle

Full Carpet And Fabric Extraction

We use the Mytee Lite powerful carpet and fabric extractor that is sure to leave your carpet and fabric looking 90 - 95% better. This process loosens and lifts dirt, stains and much more out of your vehicles carpet and fabric. Highly recommended for heavily dirty vehicles.

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