winter Prep & Protect

We have specifically designed a seasonal detail package to prepare and protect your vehicle's paint from the damaging effects of road salts, heavy dirt and other winterly conditions. In doing so we aim to help you retain your vehicle's value by applying our premium Evo Quartz coating to provide your vehicle with an unparalleled shield to combat the winter.

The Winter Prep & Protect Package includes

1. Full Level 2 Detail

2. 7h Evo Quartz Coating (3 year paint protection)

3. 16oz Bottle of our Gloss Envy and a Mircofiber towel

(Gloss Envy is applied by you after a wash to help give your vehicle's exterior even more protection through out the winter) 

(Estimated time: 6-7 Hours)

     Value              Price

  Small: 720              620

Medium: 780             680

  Large: 840              740

    X Large: 890            790   

Exterior Only

Small: 720              620

Medium: 780            680

Large: 840               740

x-Large: 840               740