Level 4 Detail

The Level 4 Detail is designed for those who desire perfect paint and highly durable protection for years (ceramic coating).

Exterior Level 4 = Perfect And Protect


  • 2 Bucket Wash Method

  • Full engine enhancement

  • Paint decontaminated and clayed for optimum surface prep

  • Paint receives a 1 - 3 Step “paint correction” to remove swirls and imperfections

  • Apply 1 layer of “Ceramic Coating” for durable protection for up to 2 years (additional layers can be added for longer and more durable protection)

  • Plastic/vinyl trim is conditioned and protected

  • Wheels and wheel wells are cleaned and sealed with an express sealant.

  • Maintenance kit and step by step brochure provided to ensure proper knowledge for maintaining your vehicle and ceramic coating.


We have been trained and accredited by Jeremy Stevens at Shine Supply. Jeremy is considered one of the best in the detailing industry, leading the way with honest techniques and incredible products.

Price For Prepping Vehicle, 1 Ceramic Coating Layer, And Maintenance Kit

Small: 700 - Coupe/Sedan  

Medium: 750 - Compact Truck/Crossovers  

Large: 800 - Truck/ Midsize SUV

X-Large: 950 - Mini Van/Large SUV

Paint Correction Rate - 75 Per Hr

Correction can range from 5 - 25 hrs

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