Level 1 Detail

Our Level 1 Detail is a full exterior and interior detail with minimal conditioning. Level 1's are great for daily drivers who would like to get their vehicle refreshed and cleaned.

Level 1 = Clean


  • Carpets & seats vacuumed
  • Carpets & seats steam cleaned
  • Panels wiped and scrubbed
  • Cup holders scrubbed and steam cleaned
  • Leather seats scrubbed
  • Instrument panel, radio, and fascia cleaned
  • Interior windows and mirrors cleaned
  • Door jambs wiped


  • Paint, trim, and tires washed with our 2 bucket wash method
  • Tires scrubbed
  • Rims decontaminated
  • Vehicle dried with microfiber towels
  • Tires shined
  • Exterior windows and mirrors cleaned
  • Wet Detailer Express Sealant applied for protection on paint and glass

Interior & Exterior

Starting at

Small: 200    Coupe/Sedan  

Medium: 230 Compact Truck/Crossovers  

Large: 260 Truck/ Midsize SUV

X-Large: 290   Mini Van/Large SUV

2 - 4 hrs

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