Mobile Detailing Services


Mobile Detailing is the art of restoring a vehicle to its most perfect condition at your desired location. While a large part of this is cleaning, detailing also includes conditioning leather, vinyl, trim, correcting defects in paint, and more. We gladly service a 17 mile radius from Millcreek, Utah. Anything above 17 miles is subject to a travel fee.

Level 1 Detail

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Our Level 1 Detail is a deep clean with minimal conditioning. Level 1's are great for daily drivers with kids, and as preparation for selling a vehicle.


  • Carpets & seats vacuumed

  • Carpets & seats steam cleaned

  • Panels wiped and scrubbed

  • Cupholders scrubbed and steam cleaned

  • Leather seats scrubbed

  • Instrument panel, radio, and fascia cleaned

  • Interior windows and mirrors cleaned

  • Door jambs wiped


  • Paint, trim, and tires washed

  • Tires scrubbed

  • Rims decontaminated

  • Crevices and tires dried

  • Paint and trim dried with microfiber towels

  • Tires shined

  • Exterior windows and mirrors cleaned

  • Wet Detailer Express Sealant is applied for Protection on Paint and Glass


Small: 200    Coupe/Sedan  

Medium: 230 Compact Truck/Crossovers  

Large: 260 Truck/ Midsize SUV

X-Large: 290   Mini Van/Large SUV


Level 2 Detail

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A Level 2 Detail combines the cleaning of a Level 1 with conditioners and sealants to keep your vehicle in peak condition for years to come. Level 2's are recommended for vehicles you plan to have for more than 2 years, and vehicles with sentimental value.


  • Remove all belongings

  • All Level 1 interior services

  • Leather seats conditioned

  • Leather trim conditioned

  • Plastic/vinyl trim conditioned

  • Headliner steam cleaned

  • Door jambs meticulously cleaned


  • All Level 1 exterior services

  • Paint clay barred and decontaminated

  • Paint sealed with long-lasting wax/sealant hybrid (3-5 months)

  • Gas cap and small exterior crevices cleaned

  • Exterior plastic/vinyl trim conditioned

 Interior & Exterior

Small: 330   Coupe/Sedan  

Medium: 360  Compact Truck/Crossovers  

Large: 390  Truck/ Midsize SUV

X-Large: 420    Mini Van/Large SUV  

Exterior Only

Small: 170      Medium: 190     Large: 210

 X- Large: 250

Interior Only

Small: 190      Medium: 210     Large: 230

 X- Large: 270



Extra services offer deeper cleaning and longer protection on top of our Level 1 and Level 2 details.


  • Pet hair removal

  • Hot water extraction for cloth seats and carpet

  • Odor removal

  • Air freshener

  • Bodily fluid removal


  • Express sealants

  • Silica waxes for durable long lasting protection

  • Ceramic coating and sealants for years of protection

  • Headlight restoration